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Bringing balance,  resilience & positivity to organisations and individuals through creative, bespoke wellbeing solutions

  • wellbeing audits & programme creation
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I am committed to helping organisations create effective and exciting solutions to meet their wellbeing needs.  I work with a team of Collaborators who are equally passionate about people reaching their potential.

There has never been such an important time to focus on what your team needs, saving you time and money in recruitment, staff absenteesim, management time and training costs, while promoting a healthy, happy environment where talent can thrive & feel like they belong.

Mandy Baker, The Chief Happiness Officer


The Success Path to an effective Wellbeing Programme

Your organisation may be at any of these stages, the best programmes are fully inclusive of all employees, covering all areas of organisational wellbeing, and are regularly reviewed and varied in order to keep it's effectiveness - let our Wellbeing Audit be your first step to identifying where you are and where you want your organisation to be on the Success Path

Lost management time with staff issues, high turnover of staff with increased training and recruitment costs, team dissatisfaction and unease, negativity, errors and low productivity, high absenteesim.  Everyone feels too overwhelmed just doing their work and fire-fighting to think about solutions

Leaders looking for solutions to improve culture & ethos and willing to implement change.  An openness in communication and focus on team building and employee engagement to gain loyalty is being adopted and they are seeking help to upgrade their wellbeing - excitement is building for change

A company where people feel confident to voice ideas, creative thinking & individual success is encouraged as well as team bonding sessions over remote and in-house are encouraged - results are seen in profits & atmosphere, staff feel like they belong and know where to go for help.  They openly tell people how much they love working for their company

Where is the best place to start?


In order to get the best results the best place to start is at the very beginning (heard that somewhere before?).

Results must always be measured and analysed so if you know where you are currently, then figuring out your objectives & goals for your organisation's wellbeing is clear & action can be more focused & strategic.

Our Wellbeing Audit is the starting point for any organisation looking to create or upgrade their Wellbeing Programme.  Finding areas of strength and weakness, and where to focus for the most effective results - it can be just an audit annually or full integration of the recommended plan.

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"Wellbeing and good mental health are not only good for the individual and their ability to thrive and enjoy their work, but it is also vital for the prosperity and productivity of their organisation, a veritable win:win for everyone"

Duncan Selbie

Chief Executive of Public Health England

17.9 Million working days lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2019/20 

Labour Force Survey 

828,000 workers suffering from work-related stress, depression or anxiety (new or long-standing) in 2019/20 

Labour Force Survey 


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Why is now the time to focus on you and your team's wellbeing?

At a time when there have been so many changes to the way we work, now is the time to consciously decide to prioritise nurturing a strong, resilient, loyal team.  With remote working becoming the norm, we need to bring people together in a special way to fulfil the need in all of us to feel like we belong, build a community that works and communicates well together - let us organise an event for you, tailored for your needs, with the outcomes you want

Knowledge is Power!

It takes time to research the latest information with regards to workplace wellbeing, let us do the leg work.  Subscribe to our workplace wellbeing  membership and get all the knowledge and resources delivered "done for you"

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For us, your team's happiness & productivity is what matters!

We all spending many hours a week working so it should be inspiring, motivating & productive - how do you do this on a daily basis so that it becomes part of your culture?

workplace wellbeing
workplace wellbeing

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